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Welcome to Nuggetz CMS

This website was built with Nuggetz

Unlike the old version on Nuggetz, this is a static website. This is a markdown nugget, but there are others.

Nuggetz is in development. This website will dog-food the CMS.

So expect, bugs errors and downtime as we go!

You can follow on Twitter @nuggetzcms.

The repo for this site is here (for the time being)

Nuggetz CMS repo will be public soon

This site is hosted on Cloudflare pages. It could be a AWS, GCP or other cloudfiles bucket. It could be hosted just about anywhere. Simply, and affordably.

Hope you can join us for the ride!

Why deploy a “static” website?


Pages can be rendered without needing to be assembled first, which generally requires round trips to databases


Hosting is generally simpler, with no application or database, meaning a smaller attack surface


Fewer updates needed, fewer things to go wrong

Low cost

The cost of hosting HTML and assets very low compared to the resources needed to run an application and web server

Version control

The entire website and its assets can be managed in version control, and can use automation for builds


Why we need “dynamic” content?


Guarantee that all the content is available for indexing by search engines abd ensure what user sees, is exactly what the bots, spiders and crawlers see.

Providing fresh content may help improve your website’s rankings

Visitor engagement

Stale content deters your visitors. Engage them by providing new and updated content

HTML Nugget

(and parsing a specific selector from a page)